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Plot 7

A spoon of soil from Fr. Jim McGirr's grave

This cabbage has been grown from seed & planted by: Amelia, Selina and Joshua

Since the 1800's, local folklore in Boho, Co Fermanagh told of its special, healing soil. To cure an ailment, a spoon of soil may be taken from a priests grave, put under your pillow, and a number of prayers said. The soil should be returned 4 days later.


In 2017, the soil from the grave of the Fermanagh priest was tested by a team of scientists. It was found to contain special antibiotics not found anywhere else in the world.


Artistic license will be taken with plot no 7 and the borrowed soil. The artist will return the soil later this year when the plants have grown. We can only ask for forgiveness! A spoon of compost from every other plot has also been added for luck.

I travelled to Boho, Co Fermanagh, to borrow a spoon of healing soil for the project, May 2024 
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