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Interactive Video Installation, 2015


Galway City Museum Gallery, Ireland

Connections is touch sensitive, and will work with two or more people. Once you touch the specially electrically primed paper, a series of videos activate, showing brain neurons and synapses connecting to each other.

The video that is activated shows neurons connecting and disconnecting in rat embryo cells. These cells were cultured by the artist with neuroscientist Dr. Catalina Vallejo during the CURAM Art and Science Residency in NUI Galway 2015. 

The audience is invited to interact with each other in order to watch the video, and make new neurons grow and connect with each other. The work explores the idea that empathy is increased through human touch, and encourages people to physically connect with one another.


Based on the idea that electricity flows through our bodies and controls our brains, this work combines this electric current with a computer programme and video system.


The objects used are specially electrically primed materials created in CURAM lab by Scientists Catalina Vallejo Giraldo and Eugenia Pugluiese in their research for Parkinson’s disease.

Medium: Computer, Electrical conducting Card, Digital Projector, Arduino Board, Mac Mini , MakeyMakey Board,.


Dimensions: H 8ft x L 6ft x W 6ft

Connecitons Web.jpeg
Connecitons 2 Web.jpeg
Connections 3 Web.jpeg
Empathy Machine Close Up.jpeg
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