SubText, 2018

HD Video, Duration 7 minutes;

Wall Installation, Tiles and Caulk;

Inverted peephole camera box with interior image slideshow.

This film piece is based on the invasion of privacy in a domestic setting, the aftermath of finding a hidden camera in a personal bathroom. The actions, both immediately after the discovery and in the months after the event, in all bathrooms and domestic setting were influenced by fear, paranoia, embarrassment and disgust.


The sentences in the video are a series of questions and statements made to me by the police, acquaintances and the owners of the rented house, immediately after the event and many months later.


SubText is an experimental film piece in movement and emotion. When we have experienced a traumatic event, the victim finds themselves going through the motions after the event, not fully aware of their actions but on the outside appearing functioning, normal, and aware.


Set in a domestic bathroom, the video is a series of mimicked events in which realisation and fear dawn on a victim. Sound is used out of context to highlight the contrasting moments of panic and hyper awareness.

Installation images courtesy of

Bryan Gerard Duffy - 

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