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Sympathetic Soup, 2021


This ongoing body of work explores plants associated with healing in Irish history, drawing on the National Folklore Collection and the writings of Lady Wilde. The installation utilises reclaimed materials from the All Hallows' Campus in Dublin City University as it undergoes renovations.

This work and research has has been funded by The Arts Council of Ireland Agility Award 2021 and Dublin City University Artist in Residence Programme 2020 - 21. 

All images Copyright Kyran O'Brien and Dublin City University.

Savage Cabbage

27.5 pink glazed ceramic cabbage leaves,

2 x Reclaimed wooden beam from Woodlock Hall restorations - on loan

Iron legs,  3.6 metres x 25cm x 90cm 

Joanna Hopkins Exp 19th November 2021_25.jpg

Six of the seven herbs that nothing natural or supernatural could injure

Yarrow - St Johns wort - Speedwell - Eyebright - Mallow - Self Heal     

Cut on the day of the full moon, near noon, mostly with a black handled knife. 

Reclaimed glass from All Hallows Restaurant restorations.

Reclaimed beam from Woodlock Hall restorations

20cm x 60cm x 22cm 

Joanna Hopkins Exp 19th November 2021_33.jpg


27.5 days - Average length of my 2021 menstrual cycle 

Giclée print on platinum cotton with collage, 24 x 36 inches.

Found cuckoo eggs, Yarrow, Vervain seeds, Nipplewort, St John's-wort, 

Meadowsweet, Cabbage leaf for headache, onion leaf, bog cotton, Ox Eye Daisy, Ivy leaf, Selfheal, Dandelion seeds, yarrow seeds, Yarrow leaves, Foxgloves, Butterfly wing. 



Searching in vain for Vervain

Imported vervain seeds, planted into two ceramic cabbage leaves. 



Messing around in Priests Bedrooms

Print Edition of three, plus one AP, Giclée print on platinum cotton, 10 x 12 inches


Joanna Hopkins, Artist

Image credit Kyran O'Brien 

Artist in Residence Joanna Hopkins Exibition Cregan Library 19th November 2021_42.jpg
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